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Break out of the crossdressing closet with Gina Lance!

Whether you're stuck in the TG closet or out and proud, Gina Lance's book will help you Get Dressed!

"Honest and down to earth! Much like the rest of us, Gina Lance is a crossdresser who through fear, failure and life's experiences comes to the point of true acceptance, happiness and success!"
- Becca, A Crossdresser's Secret Garden.

This paperback is full of antecdotes, opinions and advice from Gina Lance, a lifetime cross dresser and trans advocate that previously published Girl Talk Magazine, which was one of the premier lifestyle magazines for cross dressers and trans girls during its time.

Please scroll below for an excerpt from Get Dressed! by Gina Lance

Excerpt from Get Dressed! Breaking Out of the Crossdressing Closet by Gina Lance

"Many wives find it impossible to believe when confronted by their husband's crossdressing that he is not gay, let alone bisexual. The truth is, some crossdressers are gay, some are bisexual, but many are heterosexual. For years many national crossdressing groups have claimed that the majority of us, if not all crossdressers, are straight as an arrow. This I believe was done as to not scare or frighten the already scared and frightened female companions of many crossdressers.

"When I first began producing GIRL TALK magazine a decade ago, I realized some of our cover girls were gay. For years they had been told by gay friends that they were drag queens, because that's what gay men who dressed were called. But these TG's did not fit the drag queen mold of over exaggerated makeup and over the top outfits. Instead, they dressed very much like their straight and bisexual crossdressing counterparts. They also shared the same backgrounds and youthful experiences of straight and bi crossdressers, and usually began experimenting with their mothers or sisters clothing at a young age. I quickly began realizing that there were gay crossdressers, despite the categories we had all been conditioned to accept.

"Although a crossdresser's sexuality has nothing to do with the dress he wears, there are many crossdressers who enjoy their bisexuality when wearing women's clothing. Every individual has to be responsible and admit to their loved ones what they truly are. And every wife or girlfriend needs to know that just because her man wears a dress, that does not pigeon hole him into a sexual category.

"When I first came out, ordinary people would ask me if I was gay because I was going to a predominantly gay bar, the Queen Mary Show Lounge in Los Angeles. The showgirls there were gay, the staff was predominantly gay, and the crowd was either made up of tourists or gay people. But crossdressers had been gathering there for many years because the management had made them feel welcome. This has occurred with a great many gay nightclubs around the world. They now have a new transgendered clientele that they had never counted on before and it's a hit for everybody.

"Sometimes it's hard to explain to your wife or significant other that the place your planning on frequenting is a gay bar or restaurant. Tell them this; "I am accepted there because they welcome me and my pocketbook." Gay people have been put down or harassed for years so they know what it is like to not be accepted. They will usually accept you unless you are a true fashion disaster.

"And if you yourself have never met many gay people or frequented a gay establishment before what will you find? First off, if you are heterosexual and you have a problem with gay people; get over it! The Dark Ages are officially over! Crawl out of your hole, put down your club and shed your bear skin. You won't get gay by hanging around them or going to gay restaurants or nightclubs.

"Overwhelmingly most gay men are not interested in a guy in a dress. They're interested in another man who looks like a man. I'm sorry but we don't impress them very much, and most gay people deep down still don't understand us. But… they generally accept us if not welcome us to their fold. Remember: We do fall under the LGBT umbrella although I do believe it a loose knit group."

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