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This classic sterling silver bracelet is a timeless piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one.

Our beautiful Pure 935 Sterling Silver Double Circle Bracelet is luxuriously crafted piece of jewelry that's sure to a dash of glitz to your wardrobe.

This classic chain link bracelet features one large circle joined by two rows of smaller circles to create a unique double chain design, making it perfect to be worn on its own or as the base for a charm bracelet.

Crafted with pure 925 sterling silver and anti-tarnish coating, this stunning bracelet is the perfect choice as a gift for a loved one or yourself, and will last a lifetime.

This bracelet is 8 ½ inches long, 9mm wide and features a circle and bar closure. Because of this closure type, this beautiful sterling silver bracelet cannot be used with our jewelry extenders.

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Jewelry - 925 Sterling Silver Double Circle Bracelet [54-706-4878]
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