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Give your look a perky and natural lift with Transform Realistic Attachable nipples.

Transform Realistic attachable nipples will give your breast, breast enhancer, or breast form a perky yet natural look while adding extra protrusion. Made from 100% silicone, these natural looking attachable nipples are molded to fit over any breast form.

Transform Realistic attachable nipples have been specifically developed to be the most natural attachable nipple for your breast form. With a two inch (5.08 centimeters) diameter, the natural, comfortable size is sensuous enough to give your breast forms a flirty, fun feel while still being discreet enough to wear to a business meeting. Transform Realistic attachable nipples also feature gentle bumps and grooves around the nipple to mimic the gentle tissues and glands that surround the nipple for the ultimate realistic look.

Safe to use on your skin or breast form, Transform Realistic attachable nipples are self-adhering, or can be used with Skin Tac Wipes or other adhesives for a more secure fit. Best of all, these natural looking attachable nipples are semi-transparent for a realistic and natural appearance that is sure to blend naturally with any shade of skin tone.

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Nipples - TRANSFORM Attachable Natural Nipples [17610-11]
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$ 24.95

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