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One of our most popular wig collections, the Pure Stretch Cap wigs from trend-setting wigmakers Estetica Designs are not only fashionable and chic but are the most comfortable fitting wigs available. With an evenly stretching perimeter, Estetica Designs' pure stretch cap wigs eliminate uncomfortable pressure points, letting you forget that you're wearing a wig. The Breast Form Store strongly recommends Estetica Designs' pure stretch cap wigs to girls who have never worn a wig or find traditional wig designs uncomfortable.

Estetica Designs AMBER Wig [AMBER]

Monofilament top

Estetica Designs FAYE Wig [FAYE]

Estetica Designs ANGELA Wig [ANGELA]

Estetica Designs VENNA Wig [VENNA]

Monofilament crown

Estetica Designs EVETTE Wig [EVETTE]

Estetica Designs BECKY Wig [BECKY]

Estetica Designs DIXIE Wig [DIXIE]