10 Beauty Tips to Improve Your Feminine Appearance

10 Beauty Tips to Improve Your Feminine Appearance

When presenting yourself as a woman, your feminine appearance matters a lot and it also impacts your confidence level. In this article, we will be discussing some very effective beauty tips to improve your feminine appearance without having to undergo feminization surgery. Before we get started, please remember little adjustments can make a major difference in your overall appearance and always focus on the details because it can make or break your feminine image.

Here are 10 Beauty tips to improve your feminine image!

1. Maintain Smooth Moisturizing Skin and Get into skincare routine

Smooth Moisturizing Skin

A good skin condition not only boosts your femininity but also reflects how healthy you are. People can tell by looking at your skin how much you take care of your appearance and your body. Smooth moisturizing skin is always feminine to look at and will improve your appearance significantly. You can maintain smooth moisturizing skin by having a good skincare routine.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to start a skincare routine. Simple changes that you make can transform you. If you are new to skincare, first it is important to take some time learning how to use skin care products and afterward create a skincare routine that works for your skin. By following a simple skin care routine, you will notice immediate difference in your complexion in a matter of few days.

Here’s a simple skincare routine that you can follow:

  • Choose a mild cleanser and moisturizer that works best for your skin type. Read the label of the product carefully to check for its intended use (Oily, Normal, or Dry Skin).
  • Wash and moisturize your face twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Wash your face with skin cleanser gently, dry your face with a towel, and apply moisturizer covering all areas of your face.
  • Clean and moisturize your body daily (hands, arms, and legs).
  • Regularly exfoliate when you take a shower.
  • Do deep cleaning once or twice a month.
  • Always wear good-quality sunscreen when outdoors.
  • Eat less oily and junk food to keep your skin healthy.

You can add more skincare products and steps in your skincare routine as you gradually move forward. Also, get rid of any excess body hair and get in the habit of grooming yourself routinely. Make sure you don’t have hairy arms, hairy legs, and hairy chest. Also, don’t forget the less obvious spots such as hair under your arms, knuckles, nose, ears, and toes.

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2. Play up your Eyes

eye makeup

Playing up your eyes and drawing attention to them can drastically improve your feminine appearance. Eye makeup is really effective to give your face a lovely feminine glow. Highlighting the eyelashes is an easy way to instantly play up your femininity. Add some mascara to your eye lashes, flutter out those lashes and and define your eyes. You can also use fake eyelashes to enhance your eyes.

You can also put on eyeliner, and some lighter eyeshadow to really draw attention to your eyes. Winged eyeliners are a perfect way to make your eyes look more beautiful. Just adding some definition around your eyes will make them look big and feminine. Playing up your eyes doesn’t have to mean crazy intense eye makeup with all types of different colors.

Here are some basic ways to do eye makeup:

  • Curl your eyelashes and apply an appropriate amount of mascara (Please don’t overdo it).
  • Apply a small amount of mascara on the lower eyelashes to achieve a more chic look.
  • Opt for dark brown mascara instead of dark black (detail matters)
  • Use fake eyelashes if you want bigger, dense lashes(optional).
  • Apply natural eyeshadow to make your eyes look more pop up.
  • If you want to look more feminine, winged eyeliner is always the best choice!
  • If you have a more masculine jawline, eye makeup can help to shift the attention from the face lining to the eyes.
  • With bigger eyes, it makes your face looks smaller by proportion.
  • For the best eyeliner color, use dark brown or another kind of brown.
  • Using white eyeliner for the undereye makes your eyes appear slightly bigger and more beautiful.

Another effective way to play up your eyes is by defining your brows. So, make sure you groom your eyebrows too. Eyebrows create the frame for your face and well-groomed eyebrows can transform your entire look and enhance your feminine appearance. Go for delicate, soft angled (thinner arched) eyebrows, especially if you have very masculine facial features. You can either pluck or thread your eyebrows to give them a nice proper shape. You can create softer eyebrows look by using eyebrow powder instead of using eyebrow pencils. Avoid sharp lines when drawing on your eyebrows.

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3. Enhance your Lips with color

Lips makeup

Enhancing your lips with lipsticks will make you look more feminine and womanly because it’s a very womanly feature, no matter how big or small your lips are. Using lipsticks that blend nicely with your face will draw attention to your smile and give your face a lovely glow. Depending on your face complexion, the right shade of lipstick can do wonders for your look.

Experiment with different shades of lipstick to see which colors suit you the best. An easy way to test the lipstick shades is by putting different colors of lipstick on your fingertips or the side of your hand and holding them against your lips to see which shades suit you the best.

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4. Begin Wearing Feminine Colors

feminine outfit colors

The easiest thing you can do to improve your feminine appearance is to start wearing feminine colors or bright colors. Wearing color in general is going to make you look more feminine and attractive. All you have to do is either start wearing more colors or wear lighter neutral colors (beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown). Jewel tones (sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and emerald green) and darker colors can also look feminine but make sure that they’re saturated or flattering to your skin tone.

A colorful or even a light neutral sweat suit is going to look more feminine than a black sweat suit. As humans, we generally associate femininity with light, breezy, nurturing, sweet colors. Try to integrate bright colors into your outfits and it will make a huge difference in your appearance. So, swap your gray sweater for a white sweater or a cream sweater and you will notice how such a small change can also make a big impact on your looks.

Another easy way to include feminine colors is with accessories. Wear some colorful necklaces, wear lighter-colored shoes, or carry a colorful purse. Getting accessories in different colors will make you look more feminine and sophisticated.

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5. Be EXTRA with your Accessories

feminine accessories

Femininity arises from a combination of details. Wearing accessories will add beauty and elegance to your overall looks. Experiment with being extra with your accessories and don’t forget hair accessories. Try to combine and match different accessories together to create unique styles, like putting on stud earrings, a delicate layered bracelet, and carrying a nice handbag.

If you are someone who doesn’t prefer wearing too many accessories, you can try wearing minimalistic jewelry or even a simple purse. It will look feminine in a more subtle way. Your accessories don’t necessarily need to be ruffled or pink or girly to appear feminine. Having the right accessories will make you look more feminine, like carrying a lovely purse, wearing a delicate neckpiece, or wearing an elegant shoe.

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6. Wear The Right Shapewear

Shapewears are a great way to create a smooth, feminine figure instantly. They are simple yet very effective products for crossdressers and transwomen who want to achieve a feminine shape or feminize their body proportions. Depending on how much shaping you are looking for, consider investing in the following items:

Hip Padding – Adds nice volume to your hips to create a feminine shape.
Waist cincher – makes your waist look slimmer and can be worn inside different outfits.
Men’s gaffs for tucking – great for hiding male bulge.
Breast Forms – enhances your bust size to create an attractive feminine shape.

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7. Choosing a Hair Style that Flatters your Face

hair wig

With the right hairstyle, your face will look more feminine and beautiful. Hair matters a lot and if you don’t have a hairstyle (or a hair wig) that suits your face shape, you are not going to look your best even if your face looks very feminine.

It is important to take time to experiment with different hairstyles/ hair wigs (long & short) to select the best match for your face shape. If you have a very defined or square jawline, then a long hairstyle can help to hide your face lining and make you look more feminine. Also, showing one side of your neckline can enhance your feminine appearance. If your wear hair wigs, consider getting yourself a lace wig because they look the most natural and can be styled easily.

Best hairstyles for different face shapes:

Oval Shape: Suits multiple hairstyles. Avoid– heavy bangs
Square Shape: Side-parted style, Long straight or wavy hair. Avoid– slick back looks, jaw-length bob
Round Shape: Long layered cuts, Pixie cuts, Deep side parts. Avoid– wispy bangs
Long Shape: Layered cuts, waves or curls. Avoid– sleek ponytail and very long hair
Heart Shape: Shoulder length curly/straight hair, long side-swept cuts. Avoid– Pixie cuts, short, baby bangs
Diamond Shape: Sleek, straight hair with a middle part, high ponytail. Avoid– heavy, rounded bands and straight across bangs

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8. Choose Softer Textures and Materials

Choosing feminine fabrics which are lighter, breezier, and flowy will enhance your feminine look significantly. Wearing outfits with softer textures will make you look & feel more sophisticated and feminine. Also, you can add girly accents to your outfits like bows, ruffles, etc. but don’t overdo it.

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9. Hold your Shoulders Back (Maintain a feminine posture)

feminine pose

You should never miss out on keeping a good posture if you want to look feminine and attractive. Hold your shoulders back, push your chest gently forward, and don’t have the habit of hunching. With this simple technique, you will look more feminine because you’re going to be accentuating your feminine shape (bust) and also accentuating the fact that you’re confident, and femininity and confidence go hand in hand.

10. Wear Nail polish or Press-on Nails

nail polish

The presence of nails is another trait that distinguishes masculinity from femininity. You will look much more put together, chic, and feminine if you are wearing bright or neutral-colored nail polish. Some of the timeless nail colors that go with everything are Coffee Beige, Mauve Nude, Cherry red, Lilac, Bordeaux, Chocolate Brown, Beige Pink. Press-on Nails are also a great option to make your hands look lovely without having to spend too much.

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