10 Lingerie Essentials Every Crossdresser or Transgender Woman Needs

10 Lingerie Essentials Every Crossdresser or Transgender Woman Needs

10 Lingerie Essentials Every Crossdresser or Transgender Woman Needs

Lingerie is the starting point to let your inner woman shine. Putting on lingerie empowers you to feel confident, sexy, and feminine. Lingerie is the essence of femininity and the foundation of every outfit. Without the proper size, fabric, and design of the lingerie, you cannot elevate the overall appearance of your outfit. The right kind of lingerie can enhance your figure and also alter your mood instantly. It is a crucial part of styling that needs to be considered when dressing up.

There are different types of lingerie for women which serve different purposes and occasions. If you want to be a modern and classy woman, you should have different lingerie in your wardrobe. Having the right lingerie for the right occasion and functionality gives you the ability to dress appropriately. Some lingeries are meant to be sexy and fabulous, while some are meant to be practical & comfortable for daily use.

Here is a list of 10 lingerie essentials every crossdresser or transgender woman needs:

1) Black Or Nude Padded Bra

black padded bra

A well-fitting basic black or nude padded bra is a must-have lingerie for every crossdresser or Trans girl. The padding in the bra cup helps to add fullness and creates a rounder, attractive shape. Padded bras are great to create the illusion of bigger breasts and also help to support breast forms to stay in place comfortably. A padded bra can be used to create flattering cleavage by making your breast tissues appear fuller and firmer.

Black or nude color padded bra is the best option to wear under any type of outfit. A black bra will match nicely with any of your outfits while a nude bra is perfect to wear under your white or neutral-colored clothes. If you like, you can get padded bras that have cute lace or a little bow for an extra feminine touch. While purchasing a bra make sure to get it in the right size for yourself.

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2) The 3 Must-Have Panties

a) Cotton Panties

Cotton Panties

For everyday wear, cotton panties are a must. They are super comfy and keep your intimate area dry. Cotton panties are soft on the skin and also prevent itching by not trapping heat and moisture. You can wear them every day of the week under any type of outfit. Get the same colored bras as your panties to make nice matching sets.

b) Seamless Panties

Seamless Panties

A seamless panty is perfect for concealment and is great to wear under tight skirts, pants, and dresses. It helps to avoid the ugly panty lines and gives a smooth look from the outside. Seamless panties are gentle on the skin, comfortable, and stylish.

c) Thong Panties

Thong Panties

Thongs are sexy and when you wear them, you will exude confidence and sexiness. Wearing thong panties will have a strong feminine effect on your body with the way it feels on your body. It’s great to wear under any outfit but is ideal for wearing with tight-fitting clothing like tight skirts, dresses, and leggings.

While some girls might find wearing thongs uncomfortable, thongs can be quite comfortable depending on the fabric and proper fit. A lace thong will feel better compared to the spandex-based one. When you don’t want a full coverage panty, thong panties are the right choice, and like seamless panties, there are no visible panty lines under clothing when you wear them.

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3) Nude Or Black Pantyhose

Black Pantyhose

A nude or black pantyhose is an essential lingerie item for your wardrobe. Pantyhose gives your legs a polished and feminine appearance. When you wear pantyhose on clean, shaven legs, you get the smooth, silky, and sensual feeling from toe to the waist.

Wearing pantyhose also provides nice coverage for hairy legs (if you don’t have time to shave) or any unwanted spots on your legs. A nude or black pantyhose can be paired nicely with any type of skirt, shorts, or dresses to create elegant and stylish looks. Pantyhose can also be used to keep the hip padding or butt padding in place.

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4) Panty Gaff or Men Gaff

gaff for tucking

If you are someone who prefers to have a flat and tucked appearance in your private area, then panty gaffs or men gaffs are for you. A panty gaff is an undergarment designed for crossdressers and trans femme folks to achieve a flatter, feminine look by helping to tuck the male bulge.

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5) Sexy Bra And Panty Set

Bra And Panty Set

When it comes to lingerie, it is also about being able to express your sensual side and create a sexy presence. A glamorous bra and panty set not only makes you feel good and feminine but also ensures a seamless and well-put-together look. Matching bra and panty sets will make you feel more confident and attractive. It will also amplify the appeal of your overall appearance.

6) Shapewear

Whether you are craving for smooth feminine curves or want to have an evenly toned body or just look slimmer, shapewear can do it all, and that too instantly. That’s why you should invest in some great shapewear. Shapewear is a special type of undergarment that is used to shape or sculpt or support your body to create a smooth, feminine silhouette. It can make you look slimmer and hide any unwanted lumps or bumps when you are wearing fitting outfits. That’s why many women consider shapewear a must-have item in their lingerie collection.

There are different types of shapewear that offers different functionality. There are hip pads, butt pads, tummy tucker, padded panties, waist cinchers, compression tights, corsets, control camisoles, etc. The right shapewear can make a huge difference in your overall appearance by helping you look and feel your best. So, do include some nice shapewear in your wardrobe to create a more toned and curvy appearance.

7) Slinky Nightie

Slinky Nightie

A whole lot comfy and feminine, every girl needs a slinky nightie in her lingerie drawer. When you slip into a slinky nightie/ nightgown, you will instantly feel extra feminine and powerful. Generally made from a smooth, silky fabric with mesh trim detailing, slinky nighties feel really soft on the skin and drape around your body in a flattering way. Get yourself a sexy nightie with some laces to feel fabulous. Whether you prefer short or long lengths, nighties can instantly transform you into a sultry and glamorous woman.

8) NuBra


Popular for it’s strapless, backless adhesive design, Nubra is great for creating cleavage (total cleavage control) and perfect for all-day wear. It provides nice coverage and freedom when you wear it. NuBra can be worn alone or under a bra if you want more support and coverage.

NuBra has many advantages over traditional bras, it is light, comfy, and versatile. You can wear any type of strapless or backless outfit with ease because of the strapless design of Nubra. You can also use Nubra and a push up bra in combination to create the perfect, natural cleavage without wearing any padding or breast forms.

9) Camisole


Camisoles are comfortable innerwear that can be worn by itself or as slips to give a smooth layering under clothing. They add comfort, coverage, and versatility to your wardrobe. The thin noodle straps of the camisole give it a cute, utterly feminine look. Form-fitting camisoles are great to highlight your body shape. You can also opt for a camisole with molded cups or a built-in bra for a flattering look. Camisoles are soft and snuggly, which also makes them great leisure wear.

10) Silk or Satin Robe

silk robe

A silk or satin robe is a must-have lingerie item if you want to look and feel ultra feminine. Lounging around the house in a lovely silk or satin robe is such a luxury experience. The soft, light fabrics touching your skin will make you feel sensual and relaxed. So, swap out your uncomfortable nightwear for a stylish and cozy silk or satin robe. They offer a sense of luxury, elegance, and polished style that other nightwear could never give. Go for a robe with lace trim for an extra feminine touch. You can also add a silky nightie along with a silk or satin robe for comfy wear that looks stylish.

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