CD & TG Transformation services with The Breast Form Store

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Try on breast forms at The Breast Form Store

The Breast Form Store is proud to offer fitting services online, over the phone, or in person at our head office location just outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Your in-person fitting will be in our private showroom, where we will give you access to the products that we keep in stock at our warehouse. Our showroom also features exclusive, discontinued, and one-of-a-kind items that are not available online.

Booking a fitting with us gives you the opportunity to work with a trained expert in creating a feminine silhouette for the AMAB (assigned-male-at-birth) body, and to try on different products to find the best look for your frame!

Why should you book a fitting for breast forms?

There are lots of reasons why you should book a fitting with The Breast Form Store! An in-person fitting is an intimate and personal experience with someone you can trust, to help you find the best product(s) for your needs.

Your fitting will be one-on-one with one of our certified breast form fitters, where we can discuss your needs, your goals, and find something that meets your budget. We will work with you to determine your measurements, find your best fit, and offer advice as to looks that flatter your figure and increase your femininity.

The Breast Form Store offers makeup services with one of our dedicated transformation & makeup artists. You may come dressed or incognito, and if you would like, you may bring a friend or partner for support.

Our private showroom is by appointment only, and is filled with all of your feminine favorites: hosiery, garter belts, bras, wigs, high heels and so much more. It’s a safe space to come and express your feminine side.

What is available in the showroom

As we shut down our warehouse during fittings, we have the ability to offer any product that is kept in stock. These items include a selection of:

Preparing for your appointment

We do our best to make sure that you have the best experience possible. Please prepare for your appointment as you would any other medical appointment or spa service. Be freshly showered, avoid using perfumes or fragrances, and dress appropriately (be it as a female or as a male). If you are wanting to fit breast forms to bras or lingerie you already have, please wash them and bring them with you so that we can best fit the products to you.

Please be respectful of our team members and fitting specialists. We are here to offer you advice and support, and to guide you to product(s) that will work for you. Our training program is extensive to ensure the best fit for your needs and your body type. We respect you and your time, and we request the same in return. Fittings are non-sexual in nature; think of it as a visit to a medical professional.

The fine print

As we shut down our warehouse to provide you the most access to our products for your fitting, we are only able to accommodate fittings that have been booked in advance. All appointments must be booked at least one day in advance, so that we can properly notify our warehouse of the closure. Fittings can last anywhere from 20 minutes to upwards of 2 hours.

Fittings are available on a first come, first serve basis and are only available during our regular business hours. All fittings are required to place a non-refundable deposit of $50. This deposit goes towards any items you choose to purchase during your appointment. 

If the entire amount of the deposit is not used at the time of the fitting, the remainder will be forfeit. Bookings cancelled 72 hours or more in advance can be rescheduled or moved towards the purchase of services. If you are unable to make your appointment and do not let us know before the 72 hour window, your fitting deposit will be forfeit.

Book your fitting

At this time, we ask that you please request the time and date of your fitting in the notes section of your order. We will confirm via e-mail the date and time of your appointment after the deposit is paid for and entered in our system. If the time is not available, we will work with you to find a time and date that will. 

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