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What next-to-perfect breast forms are right for you?

Divine Collection’s Aphrodite self-adhering breast forms have been a go-to choice for trans women, non-binary people, and cross dressers alike since they were introduced in 2013. Their realistic appearance and sleep-safe nature made them truly unique, and over the years, Divine Collection hasn’t stopped improving their breast forms to become better and better. First, they introduced custom nipple sizes, based on the best-selling Divine Nipples. Then, in 2023, they introduced the CustomSkin service: taking your Aphrodite breast forms to the next level by adding subtle skin tone variations, including freckles and veins.

The artisans at Divine Collection pride themselves on the realistic, lifelike breast prosthetics of superior quality. Every once in a while, a set of breast forms won’t make their stringent quality control measures, marking them as next-to-perfect. Because The Breast Form Store is their biggest customer, we get exclusive access to offer all of these next-to-perfect products to you at a huge discount! It’s a great opportunity to get amazing breast forms at an incredible price.

Next-to-perfect or second grade products have been rejected by the artists for some minor flaw. It may be a bump, a mark, or an unevenly trimmed edge, that has made the product become less than perfect. Great for you — because now you can get it for an amazing deal!

Classic Aphrodite breast forms

Divine Collection Aphrodite breast forms - Extra Large size, standard Cinnamon nipples, Vanilla skin tone, no customization
The most affordable option

Classic Aphrodite breast forms may feature customized nipples, but no additional airbrushing saves you money!

Perfect for wearing under clothing

Any visual imperfections are easily hidden by girls who prefer to be a bit more modest and want to wear their Aphrodite with clothing

Aphrodite breast forms with CustomSkin airbrushing