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New Year, New You SALE

Many of us crossdressers and drag queens celebrate the start of a new year by setting new year resolutions. These resolutions help us find ways to improve our lives and ourselves, and they come from our deepest desires. We found a list of the most popular resolutions and found a way to put them together with some of our products from breast forms to crossdresser clothing to help you celebrate a new year and a new you!

The Breast Form Store is here to help you find exactly what you need to start your new year right. Our New Year, New You SALE has everything you need to achieve your feminine resolutions, and at huge savings!​

Resolution 1: Live life to the fullest

We all want to spend more time doing what we love. Sometimes that means chasing our dreams, finding a new career, or for many of us, spending more time en femme! There’s so many things you can do while presenting as a woman.

Here’s a look we put together that’s perfect for a date night with someone special, a day out shopping, or for stepping out as a woman for the first time:

We love this look because it is classic, timeless and looks good on everyone! Here’s some styling tips:

  • Tuck the shirt in to the waistband of the skirt. This creates more emphasis to your natural waistline and draws attention to your figure. It’s also great for making your legs look long and beautiful!
  • Pantyhose with thicker fabric in the crotch are great for helping you stay tucked flat. Wearing pantyhose instead of thigh highs is great under skirts to help you hide the appearance of a bulge, and it hides any lines that may be caused by a garter belt!
  • Lip gloss is a timeless way to dress up your look, even if you’re not comfortable wearing a full face of makeup. The little bit of color and shine is perfect for making you feel more confident
  • Evette is a beautiful wig that is flattering on pretty much all face shapes! It’s also long enough to make you feel beautiful, but not too long as to make you appear out of place (especially if you are a more mature woman).
  • Pointed toe stilettos are a powerful statement! They give a bit more room for your toes, while also making you look confident. Originally designed in the 1940s, pointed to stilettos are a statement of futuristic fashion and are a timeless style for anyone’s wardrobe.

Resolution 2: I want to change my silhouette

Changing our silhouette is one of the most common new year resolutions. It can take the form of many different things: I want to lose weight, I want to be healthier, I want to have thicker (or thinner) thighs! These are all different examples of ways we work to shape our bodies and feel more confident in our own skin.

Body shaping comes in lots of different forms, and doesn’t always mean you need to spend hours in the gym or dieting! Here’s some of the most popular products to change your silhouette without spending hours on the treadmill:

Here’s some fast ways to change your silhouette that works well for crossdressers, transgender women, & gender fluid persons:

  • Breast forms create the appearance of a larger bustline in an instant! Try a set of silicone breast forms to instantly feel like you have had top surgery and experience the feeling of having larger breasts. Breastplates are great if you’re wanting to show cleavage, too!
  • Gaffs are the easiest way to hide ‘the boys’ while creating a smooth, flat and feminine front. They are specially designed to keep you tucked away while being comfortable and preventing irritation to your most intimate places.
  • Corsets are a secret weapon when it comes to changing your silhouette! Wear it as clothing or as a supportive undergarment to instantly take inches off of your waistline.
  • Compression panties & shapewear are perfect for smoothing the appearance of your tummy without being uncomfortable. A good pair of shaping panties can help you feel more confident all day long.

Resolution 3: I want to chase my dreams

Have you ever wanted to do something, but have always been afraid to do it? For some of us, it’s being brave enough to do something bold like sing on stage or go sky diving. For others, we want to go on a road trip with friends or spend more time doing something that feels worthwhile. Sometimes, chasing your dreams means giving yourself permission to chase some of your deepest fantasies.

One of the most common fantasies we hear is about being a sissy. Being a sissy is something different to every person. It may be about wearing more ruffles and frills, or it may be about giving yourself more to the service of others. For some, being a sissy is both! Here’s our favorite products if want to explore your sissy side: