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We chosen the best line of crossdresser cosmetics and jewelry for our final feminine touches.  There is nothing more embarassing than being out and about en femme, and seeing your five o’clock shadow showing through!

Our crossdresser beard covers and concealers have been specifically designed and chosen for full coverage foundation, making them perfect for hiding the appearance of your boyish facial hair while cross dressing. Perfect for once in a while or all day coverage, these beard covers are ideal for crossdressers, trans women, drag queens, and anyone looking for a true full coverage foundation or concealer. Hide that stubble and look truly feminine with our beard cover concealers for crossdressers.  Our crossdresser cosmetics and jewelry is Made in USA!

As a final touch we have chosen sexy jewelry to enhance your transformation.  From earrings to bracelets you can add a touch of class to your outfit.

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