Divine Collection Next-To-Perfect Breast Forms SALE

divine collection breast forms

Second grade products have been rejected for some minor flaw. It may be a bump, or a freckle, or being too soft or too firm, which makes them less than perfect, and thus the greater discount!

Important things to know about next-to-perfect & second-grade products from Divine Collection
  • There is NO WARRANTY included with next-to-perfect or second-grade products; these products have been identified by the artists as being less-than-perfect in some way, which is why they are available at such a discounted price
  • Packaging may be different from what is included with regular products
  • Care kits may not be included. This is at the discretion of the artists
  • We cannot guarantee or identify the exact reason why an item may have beeen identified as next-to-perfect. Often times, it is a blemish that makes it visually less than perfect, and can appear on the back side of the product rather than the front. The imperfection will not impact the use or durability of the product in any way, making it a great way to get a good deal — especially for girls who are not looking to create a nude illusion
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