Frequently Asked Questions: How do pheromones work?

What does Pheromone mean?

The word “Pheromone,” derived from the Greek language, means: “I carry excitement.”

What is a pheromone?

Pheromones are defined as hormonal secretions which stimulate a physiological or behavioral response from individuals of the same species. Human pheromones are steroid molecules, made in the skin, that float off into the air and affect those near us. Humans react only to this chemical messenger produced by other humans.

How do pheromones work?

Humans detect the scentless pheromones with their Vomeronasal Organ. Located deep in the nasal passage, its only purpose is to detect odorless pheromones. Evolution has designed this organ to instantly transmit the presence of this hormone to the brain. The process is totally subconscious. The person is unaware of this hormonal scent.

Since I am a male, won’t my male pheromones overpower the female pheromones I apply to my body?

No, as humans we have developed practices that remove or reduce the number of pheromones we release. We bathe very frequently, washing off our pheromones. We cover most of our bodies when we dress, reducing the escape of pheromones.

So, Where do I apply pheromones?

By concentrating Female Pheromones to exposed areas they will be dominant, overpowering your male pheromones, while radiating your femininity to yourself and those around you.

Are pheromones an aphrodisiac?

Definitley not! They will not increase your sex drive. What they will do is add to your pleasure by surrounding you with the pleasures of being a woman.

How will I feel when wearing female pheromones?

Female Pheromones help you feel good and good about yourself, you exude confidence and the sensuality of an exciting woman.

What can I do to maintain this feminine atmosphere when I go to bed?

Just sprinkle the pheromones in your bed and on your pillow.

Why not just use perfumes? They make me smell good.

You use perfume to smell good, pheromones to make you feel good.

Can I use perfume and pheromones together?

Yes! Odourless pheromones can be mixed with your favorite perfumes, bath oils and other fragrances, without upsetting your enjoyment of them.

Can I get too much attention wearing pheromones?

We do not think this is a problem. Pheromones will only help you be an attractive woman. It takes other actions and body language to indicate you wish to go beyond being admired.

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