Hannah McKnight breast forms review

Hannah McKnight: They’re Not Real, and They’re Spectacular

For the past few years I wore a small pair of forms that weren’t REALLY breast forms, but more along the lines of faux-silicone pads that did a sufficient job of giving me a little shape. I was satisfied with them, but I also felt they weren’t the right size and shape for my body.

I felt a little un-proportionate, as if my breasts weren’t quite large enough. And this is not to say I wanted ENORMOUS breasts or anything, I just wanted something that would give me a more realistic shape for my body. I also wanted something that felt, looked, and moved a little more realistically.

These forms were selected based on my body type, weight, height, and measurements which was good because I wanted something that was more proportioned to my body.

When I opened the box I was struck by how large they were.  They are a 40B and are much more realistic and larger than I was used to.  When I tried them on I understood exactly why I was sent this size.  They were perfect.  There’s really no other word for them.  I loved how I looked in lingerie… And I loved how I looked in a tight dress. 

I think my figure here looks pretty amazing but this figure is thanks to a corset, thigh pads, and my new forms. This isn’t my body. Not really. But the right shape wear FEELS like my body. My thigh pads move with me, my new forms move with me. They move when I am going up and down stairs, they push up and give me cleavage, and they just feel like a part of me.

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