Nail Creations Luxe Leopard Long Stiletto Press On Nails

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  • Press-on nails carefully selected by The Breast Form Store to fit larger hands!
  • Perfect for trans women, cross dressers, & gender-fluid persons who are AMAB
  • Designed to replicate the look and feel of acrylic nails
  • Long length is a perfect and dramatic way to change your look
  • Designed to work for all hand sizes
  • Long lasting & durable
  • Chip resistant
  • Includes 24 nails in 12 sizes (2 per size), nail glue, nail file, and cuticle stick
  • Perfect for trans women & CDs looking to draw a bit of attention with a statement manicure
  • Mix and match three nail designs for a stylish statement manicure:
    • Solid nude
    • Solid black
    • Black and gold leopard print on nude
  • Look like you’ve been to the salon without going to the salon!
  • 12 sizes of nails for a comfortable fit every time
  • Easy to cut down or file, just like real nails!
How to apply press-on nails
  • Remove any previously applied nail polish
  • File, buff, and clean the surface of your natural nails
  • Gently push back cuticles using the cuticle stick
  • Select the best fitting nail for each finger and set aside in order
  • Apply an even layer of glue to your natural nail
  • Align with cuticle line and press down firmly. Hold for 10-30 seconds
How to remove press-on nails
  • Soak nails in acetone nail polish remover until glue loosens
  • Gently peel nails starting from the corner side. Do break, peel off or force nail removal
  • Re-soak nails in acetone polish if needed
  • Remove any excess glue using a buffer
  • Finish by washing your hands and applying your favorite hand moisturizer
Important notes
  • Nail glue is an eye irritant. It bonds to skin and eyes in seconds. If skin bonding occurs, DO NOT PULL. Peel apart gently using acetone or polish remover.
  • If direct contact with eyes occurs, flush immediately with water and see a physician at once.
  • Avoid contact with fabrics as skin burns may occur.
  • Do not use if natural nails are infected, damaged, thin, or weak.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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