RealBreast One Piece Silicone Breastplate


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STOP! RealBreast breast forms are unavailable.

The artists behind our RealBreast breast forms breast forms are currently closed. At this time, we cannot accept any orders for RealBreast breast forms. We do not know if or when or if the artists will begin production on these breast forms again. In the meantime, we recommend our Divine Collection breast forms & breastplates.

  • Six standard skintones
  • Can be customised with veins, freckles and more (additional charge)
  • Lifelike skin
  • Vanishing edge technology
  • Our most visually realistic breast forms
  • Made in USA

Flat back
Best for bodies with less than one inch difference between nipple and underbust measurements

Built-in nipples
Makeup safe
Multiple skin tones
Natural weight
Real skin feel
Safe to go braless
Swim safe

Our One Piece RealBreast prosthetics is attachable silicone breastplate that blends with your skin for a very realistic appearance. Each pair of RealBreast forms are hand crafted, and can even be customised to your tastes.

RealBreast is different than other breast forms as they are designed using movie-quality prosthetic techniques. RealBreast forms may not be suitable for regular and/or everyday wear due to the attention to detail required to ensure each breast is attached correctly and looks realistic.

Every RealBreast prosthetic includes a starter care kit of medical-grade adhesives and solvents to ensure a secure hold to your chest, with the help of the natural tacky nature of the breast forms. This care kit includes:

  • One Secure Silicone Adhesive
  • One Medical Adhesive Solvent
  • 5 individual Skin Prep Wipes
  • 5 individual Skin Tac Adhesive Wipes
  • 5 individual Tac Away Adhesive Remover Wipes

This care kit is often tucked beneath the plastic cradle, to protect the prosthetic during shipping. If you cannot find your care kit, please look beneath this cradle.

What are the differences between the RealBreast Two-Piece and the RealBreast One-Piece?
RealBreast Two-Piece RealBreast One-Piece
How easy is it to get cleavage? Cleavage can be achieved, but edges may overlap Cleavage designed as part of prosthetic
Recommended edge style Thin OR thick edge Thick edge
Biggest benefit Complete flexibility in positioning the breasts for a more natural look Connected between the breasts for more realistic cleavage
Vanishing edge size About 2 inches around each breast Very large (up towards collarbone) and between breasts
Recommended adhesive(s) Hollister Spray Adhesive for larger sizes, Secure Silicone Adhesive for edges Hollister Spray Adhesive for all sizes
Easiest way to hide edges A bit of makeup and carefully positioned clothing A bit of makeup, a necklace, and a long wig

RealBreast is different than other breast forms as they are designed using movie-quality prosthetic techniques. RealBreast forms may not be suitable for regular and/or everyday wear due to the attention to detail required to ensure the breastplate is attached correctly and looks realistic. This can be a time-consuming process for girls who are just learning to wear their RealBreast forms, but does get easier with time.

Vanishing edges

The ‘vanishing edge’ of our RealBreast is what makes these prosthetic breasts so special. The skin of the fake breast tapers until it is very thin (only a couple of millimeters thick), and is semi-transparent to let your own skin blend with the color of the breasts. You have your choice of a thin vanishing edge, which is more realistic looking, or a thick vanishing edge, which is more durable.

Going braless

Although many of our clients have been able to go braless with our One-Piece RealBreast, there are many factors in being able to go braless. Results may very depending on skin preparation, skin type and prosthetic size.

Larger sizes have a heavier weight, and therefore will likely not be as secure when worn braless. If you want to wear the forms without a bra, it is best if you wear a tighter fitting halter top, leotards, sports bra or any sort of garment that will give that extra bit of security. Experiment at home to find your best solution.

Caring for RealBreast breast forms

We do not recommend sleeping in our RealBreast forms, as movement in your sleep may accidentally damage the prosthetic breast. Although many of our clients have had success wearing our Two-Piece RealBreast forms for several days at a time, we recommend that the prosthetic is not worn for more than four days at a time to help to keep the skin behind the prosthetic healthy.

Due to the very thin vanishing edge, RealBreast prosthetics can be very fragile. Please treat the breast forms the way you would treat your own skin so that you may experience the longest lifespan possible.

Returns & Exchanges

We regret that this item is NOT eligible to be returned and/or exchanged; this item is FINAL SALE. Please note that this may be for sanitary reasons and/or because of restrictions from the manufacturer. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Click here to learn more about returns & exchanges.

Uh-Oh! Policy

If the item you ordered does not fit, we will honor a 30% discount the same replacement item in a different size. This offer can only be redeemed once per client per item ordered incorrectly, and only applies to regular price items (no sales, clearance, or combo packs).


Breast form size Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Weight in grams 115 grams 199 grams 409 grams 1031 grams
Weight in ounces 4.1 ounces 7 ounces 14.4 ounces 36.4 ounces
Nipple to bottom 2.625″ 2.5″ 3.75″ 5″
Top to bottom height 5″ 5.5″ 8″ 9.5″
Side to side width 6.25″ 7.25″ 9.75″ 12.5″
The above measurements and suggested sizes are supplied by the manufacturer. For the best size selection for your body type, please contact The Breast Form Store.


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