TBFS Girls: Meet Katrina

TBFS Girls: Meet Katrina

Founded in 1993, the Breast Form Store caters to the cross-dressing, trans-feminine, and gender-fluid communities. Since we strive so hard to make you feel and look beautiful, we are devoted to celebrating the beauty and diversity of our clientele.

We’re always looking for ways to express our feminine side, so we asked our clients to share some photos and a bit about themselves. These beautiful people have shared some of their photos and stories to inspire you to express yourself!

TBFS Girls: Meet Katrina

Meet Katrina

What’s your name and what are your pronouns?
Katrina H. (She/her)

Where are you located?
Vancouver Island, Canada

What’s your favorite thing about expressing your feminine side?
Liking what I see in the mirror finally

How would you describe your style and where are your favorite places to shop?
55 going on 30. Fit my body type but look and feel much younger. Favourite places to shop are Naturalizer Shoes, Winners, Northern Reflections

What piece of advice would you share to someone starting dressing?
Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Love who you are and you’ll be surprised at who just accepts you. And definitely start with The Breastform Store to get the shape and look you want. It changed my life.

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