gaffs for tucking review

What are gaffs? – Love Amber

gaffs for tucking review

As someone who started cross-dressing as a teenager, it can be hard to feel yourself if there are parts of you that are starting to change that you cannot control. To help control the bulge and feel more feminine, I started tucking. Tucking is where you hide your genitalia to create a flatter v-shaped area. This is done by pushing the gonads up into their natural crevice and then pulling back one’s member as far back as possible. Doing this is only half of the battle.

How to keep everything in place?

When I first started tucking, I used what was most readily available, tape. When using the taping method, make sure first to be well groomed down there as you want to ensure the tape does not stick to anything. When it comes time to remove this will not feel good at all. Ask me how I know…

Important note from The Breast Form Store:
We do NOT recommend using tapes or adhesives for tucking. This is something that can be very uncomfortable, or damage the the skin. 

Additionally, make sure to use medical tape as other tapes like duct tape while they hold can cause severe skin irritation and damage. Remember that regardless of your method, it should not be painful. If it begins to hurt, make sure to stop to prevent causing damage to your sensitive area. Once everything is flat and held in place, simply pull up your favorite frilly underwear to hide the tape and feel your true self.

Taping, when tucking, works great for holding everything in place, but it has some major downsides for me. One of the significant downsides is the inconvenience factor of having to reapply tape often. Additionally, if you have sensitive skin like me, even medical tape can begin to irritate after regular use. After researching, I found a solution that fixed all these problems.

tucking tape for drag queens


Gaffs are basically panties with strong elastic in the seams to hold everything nice and tight. From my personal experience, this solved all the problems I had with using tape for tucking. This allows me to hide the unsightly bulge without any inconvenience or irritation. These are incredibly comfortable to wear I can wear them all day without any problems.

Additionally, with these being made of fabric, they can be easily cleaned and reused, which is a massive plus over tape. Furthermore, the material allows for increased breathability and some stretch which is important down there. They are a must if you live an active lifestyle, as I can walk and run these without the worry of tape coming undone. Lastly, I enjoy the fact that gaffs allow for another way for you to express yourself.

How I express myself!

Buying gaffs can be daunting at first, but thankfully there are fitting charts to ensure that you get the correct size. Here is the fitting chart that can be found on The Breast Store site.

Important note from The Breast Form Store:
Every item will fit slightly different, and will have a different fitting chart based on how that exact item actually fits. Always double-check the fitting chart to make sure you are getting an accurate fit.

This fitting chart is for Gold Seal Gaffs.
Panty SizeHip Size
Small28 to 30
Medium32 to 34
Large36 to 38
Extra Large38 to 42

When I am looking to wear something subtle, I wear something simple like this black gaff with tiny hearts by ProdigalSon. I love this design with the nude-looking front with flirty mesh and hearts.

gaffs for tucking review
gaffs for tucking review

When I want to be adventurous and add a pop of color, I like to go with this beautiful vibrant purple gaff by ProdigalSon. My favorite part about this one is the material that it is made of. This is made with Chito Sante, an antibacterial, breathable athletic fabric that makes it great for individuals looking to tuck for long periods and exercise.

gaffs for tucking review
gaffs for tucking review

When I want to wear one of my favorite panties or lingerie but still want to keep things nice and tucked, I wear this nude-colored gaff from Gold Seal underneath. I love the cute little bow that is on the front of these.

gaffs for tucking review
gaffs for tucking review

I hope that anyone out there looking to start tucking or using gaffs found this helpful. Tucking is a great way to flatten the bulge, and using gaffs is one of the best ways. Gaffs have made tucking much easier and more comfortable. Be sure to check out the selection of gaffs found at The Breast Form Store and let me know which one is your favorite! Comment down below if you have any questions or advise you may have. Here is to feeling like your true feminine self.


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