The Breast Form Store's head office and showroom is located in Delta, Canada

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Privacy Protected
We will never share your e-mail address to third parties.

Privacy guaranteed

We take pride in making sure that your experience is discreet every step of the way, from credit card billing to the box being delivered!

No call backs, no worries

Worried about someone answering your phone when you’re not around? Don’t worry! We do NOT return phone calls, giving you an extra layer of privacy.

Certified fitters to help

We’re the ONLY online store with trained, certified fitters ready to help you find the perfect breast forms for the assigned-male-at-birth (AMAB) body!

Our exceptional customer service will leave you impressed.

We have hundreds of reviews & testimonials from customers regarding The Breast Form Store’s exceptional customer service! We’ve been dedicated to the cross dressing, trans, and gender expressive communities for more than 25 years.

Get a more tailored experience with our in-person fittings.

Would you like to be fitted by one of our certified breast form fitters in person at our head office in Delta, BC? Are you not sure of your desired size or style?

We offer in-person fittings exclusively at our Delta, BC head office location. This service is by appointment only.

Shop by mail

Want the ultimate in privacy? We offer shopping by mail, including payment via money order! If you would prefer to not be contacted by e-mail or don’t want a paper trail on your credit card, this is a great way!

Please note that we are unable to cash money orders that are made payable to “The Breast Form Store” or “The BF Store”.  All money orders must be made payable to our legal company name in order to be processed.

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The BF Store
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The BF Store
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