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Gold Seal NAKED Silicone Bodysuit

Save up to $300.00 from $499.95

Buy silicone breast forms & get Divine Nipples for 50% OFF!
+ FREE ground shipping
No minimum order. USA & Canada only. Ends Monday, March 20 2023
  • Can be worn with push-up bras
  • The most jiggle and bounce imaginable
  • No revealing lines at the edge of your bra cup
  • Great for showing cleavage
  • Built-in erect nipples & areola
  • Built in female vagina and labia create the appearance of female anatomy
  • Easy to wear with your favorite thigh highs to help hide seams
  • Soft, stretchy silicone skin molds to your body
  • Features a built-in condom catheter canal so you can relieve yourself like a lady (see below for more information)
  • Textured 17.8 cm (7 in) vaginal canal allows your partner to experience stronger sensations
  • Available in two skin tones
  • Available as one size fits most (up to a 44 bra band)
  • Fits bra sizes 36K, 38J, 38K, 40I, 40J, 42H, 42I, 44G, 44H
Big cup sizes
Built-in nipples
Multiple skin tones
Natural bounce
Great for cleavage
Makeup safe
Natural weight
No glues required
Real skin feel
Safe with bras

Why buy Gold Seal NAKED breast forms Make sure to get the real thing — look for the black Naked box!

Don’t get tricked by cheap knockoffs shipping from overseas! Make sure you’re ordering Gold Seal NAKED to get the trusted product that’s been tested and inspected to work for you.

Every Gold Seal NAKED product will ship in a beautiful box, so you know that the product has been inspected for quality by the watchful eyes at The Breast Form Store. Learn why Gold Seal NAKED is special »


It’s time to get in your new birthday suit! Transform yourself from neck to thigh with our virtually seamless, penetrable Gold Seal NAKED bodysuit. For the first time ever, The Breast Form Store is proud to offer a penetrable, bathroom-friendly bodysuit that transforms you everywhere in to a true lady!

Transform yourself in moments with our Gold Seal Naked bodysuit

You can create the look of lifelike, natural breasts and vagina with no obvious seams from your chin to your upper thighs with our beautiful Gold Seal Naked bodysuit. The bouncy breast forms let you experience lots of movement, and have a naturally hanging shape when worn with a soft cup bra. Or,wear with a push-up bra for extreme cleavage! The feminizing body suit also makes you look like a female ‘down there’, and is even penetrable so you can have intercourse like a lady!

Why we love our Gold Seal Naked Silicone bodysuit
  • No more layering multiple products to get a fully feminine look
  • Tank top style design minimized seams from showing
  • No need for tapes or messy glues when creating the look of lots of cleavage!
  • Sloping shape gives an extremely natural appearance, but when paired with a push up bra, creates tons of cleavage!
  • Super stretchy design is easy to put on and wear
  • High neckline makes it easier to hide an adam’s apple with less visual seams
  • Our most versatile breast forms for bras yet! Looks great with soft cup, underwire, push-up and demi cup bras
  • Erect, textured nipples & areola complete the look
  • Ultra soft and jiggly design gives the most movement
  • Over 12 lbs of pure jiggly pleasure
  • Includes a FREE 2 oz bottle of Divine Collection Breast Form Wash

Our Gold Seal NAKED bodysuit features a silicone-formed vaginal canal that has texture built in to increase sensations for your partner while being intimate. Although this lifelike canal is designed for intimacy, extreme roughness or incorrect care may cause damage to the silicone. We recommend to our clients to have more ‘romantic’ intimate experiences to ensure the lifespan of the vaginal canal.

As the vaginal canal is made from a high quality silicone, only use water-based lubricants. Oil and silicone based lubricants will damage the canal and the body suit.

The two canals (bladder and vaginal) are designed to be positioned in different ways for comfort. We find that it may be the most comfortable to wear the vaginal canal going back towards (and between) the rear cheeks and the bladder canal going towards the belly button. Feel free to experiment to find the best fit for the most enjoyment.

As there is no opening at the anus, so the body suit is NOT designed for use for anal penetration.

Based on feedback and our own experiences with our Gold Seal NAKED bodysuit, we do find that urination can be a little bit difficult with this undergarment.

Having the garment pulled up as high as possible, so that the crotch of the panty is as close to your own can make urination much easier and prevent the bladder canal from moving out of place. Also, before urinating, make sure that the tubing is properly positioned to the vaginal opening to minimize any mess that could happen.

Looking inside the panty, the vaginal canal goes towards the rear, whereas the bladder canal sits at the front and goes towards the belly button.

The bladder canal, which works like a condom catheter, enters in to the vaginal canal so you can relieve yourself with the liquid coming out of the right location.

The vaginal canal is textured with bumps and grooves inside to replace the experience of a vagina. This helps to increase pleasure and sensation to your partner. At the end of the vaginal canal is a small hole, which allows for easier cleaning and to help move lubricants more easily through the canal.

The exposed labia between the legs are carefully sculpted and painted. This helps to look more like the natural change in color of the female anatomy. The tubing at the end of the bladder canal drains between the lips of the labia. The anus has also been expertly painted to look more like the natural change in color. This does not lead to its own canal and does not have an opening.

Fitting Chart

Underbust measurement (cm) 77 to 81 82 to 86 87 to 92 93 to 97 98 to 106
Underbust measurement (in) 30½ to 32 32½ to 34 34½ to 36 36½ to 38 38½ to 42
Bra band size (EU) 90 95 100 105 110
Bra band size (USA / UK) 36 38 40 42 44
AA cup
A cup
B cup
C cup
D cup
DD cup
DDD/E cup
F cup
G cup Body Suit
H cup Body Suit Body Suit
I cup Body Suit Body Suit
J cup Body Suit Body Suit
K cup Body Suit Body Suit
  1. If you know your bra size. skip to step 4. If you do not know your bra band size, take a measurement going all the way around your body beneath the curve of your pectoral muscle.
    Example:  Measurement is 35 inches
  2. Follow this measurement to determine your bra band size (what your body says you are)
    Example:  Bra band is 40
  3. Decide which cup size you would like to be.
    Example:  I cup for extremely busty look
  4. Intersect your bra band size with the cup size you want to be. The number in the intersecting row and column will be the size to order!
    Example:  40I is the size of a Gold Seal Naked Body Suit

The silicone that is used to create our Gold Seal NAKED Silicone Body Suit is very stretchy, which allows this garment to stretch to fit multiple body sizes. Due to the width of the breasts, we find that our Gold Seal Naked Silicone Body Suit looks best naked on clients who have a bra band of 44 or smaller (chest size of 40 inches or smaller).

Please bear in mind that if you measure 44 inches or larger at your chest, you will need to be extremely careful with the body suit to prevent tearing. Although it is a durable design, the manufacturer only recommends the Naked Body Suit for up to a 44 inch chest OR a 44 inch tummy.

Due to the extremely stretchy nature of our Gold Seal Naked Silicone Body Suit, we recommend this for anyone who has less than a natural C cup. Those with developed breasts may find it more comfortable to keep your own breast tissue in place by using a cleavage or binding tape like our BodyShape Tape beneath the body suit.

Due to the stretch of the silicone, in our experience we find that the body suit can fill multiple bra sizes in each bra band. Experiment to find the best fit for your body, and what looks best for you.

Returns & Exchanges

We regret that this item is NOT eligible to be returned and/or exchanged; this item is FINAL SALE. Please note that this may be for sanitary reasons and/or because of restrictions from the manufacturer. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Click here to learn more about returns & exchanges.

Uh-Oh! Policy

If the item you ordered does not fit, we will honor a 30% discount the same replacement item in a different size. This offer can only be redeemed once per client per item ordered incorrectly, and only applies to regular price items (no sales, clearance, or combo packs).


When will my order ship?
United States orders Canada orders Other orders
This item will ship from Point Roberts, WA, USA This item will ship from Delta, BC, Canada This item will ship from Point Roberts, WA, USA
Ships Tue/Thur Ships Mon/Wed/Fri Ships Tue/Thur

Please note that holidays and post office closures may cause your order to ship a day sooner or later.

If this item can also be shipped from a manufacturers' location, it may ship from their location for faster delivery to you, unless otherwise requested.


As with all breast forms, the Gold Seal Naked body suit is designed to simulate natural breast tissue. We recommend that you treat your body suit with care and respect, as you would your own skin. Excessive tugging and yanking, or sharp objects like fingernails or jewelry, can possibly damage the skin, or even rip the garment. For this reason, we do not recommend sleeping with our Gold Seal Naked body suit, to prevent any movement in your sleep from accidentally damaging the them.

There is no warranty offered by the manufacturer on our Gold Seal Naked Silicone Body Suit. We ask that all clients read our fitting information to be sure that this product will be the best fit for their needs. If you believe you have experienced a defect, please contact us, but be advised that unless a defect has actually occurred, we may not be able to replace the item.


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StringPixel: Gigantic transformation with Gold Seal Naked
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