Big & Beautiful Silicone Breast Forms


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Buy silicone breast forms & get Divine Nipples for 20% OFF!
  • Our biggest breast forms ever!
  • Extremely soft silicone for lots of bounce and jiggle
  • Nine pounds of pure, bouncy pleasure
  • Includes FREE carrying cases
  • One year warranty against defects
  • Made in America

This item is sold as a pair. To order a single breast form, please contact us.

Semi-flat back
Best for bodies with around one inch difference between nipple and underbust measurements

Big cup sizes
Natural bounce
Natural weight
Safe with bras
Swim safe

Big & Beautiful breast forms are our biggest forms yet, with lots of bounce & movement!

Large, soft, bouncing breast forms for those who want really large breasts! These fabulous breast forms are soft enough to take the shape of your bra, giving you the bustiest figure possible.

A pair of our very large Big & Beautiful breast forms will add from 10 to 14 in (25 to 35 cm) to your total chest measurement.*

Have developed pec muscle or breast tissue? Don’t worry, they are soft enough to form over your pecs without distorting Big & Beautiful breast forms are made using naturally-weighted silicone to provide the movement of a very busty lady.

*Total chest measurement will vary from person to person. A person with a very wide chest will probably add 14 inches of total chest measurement because she wears the forms further apart than a girl with a narrower chest.

This breast form does NOT have built-in nipples. This is great for girls who are looking for a sleek, subtle look, or for girls who want to customize their look to their tastes with attachable nipples. Looking for a great attachable nipple to go with your breast forms? We recommend Naughty Nipples for an erect look and Divine Nipples for the ultimate in realism!

Never sleep ON your silicone breast forms. Your weight may burst them!

Fitting Chart

Underbust measurement (cm) 62 to 66 67 to 71 72 to 76 77 to 81 82 to 86 87 to 92 93 to 97 98 to 106 107 to 111 112 to 116 117 to 121 122 to 126
Underbust measurement (in) 24½ to 26 26½ to 28 28½ to 30 30½ to 32 32½ to 34 34½ to 36 36½ to 38 38½ to 42 42½ to 44 44½ to 46 46½ to 48 48½ to 50
Bra band size (USA / UK) 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
AA cup
A cup
B cup
C cup
D cup
DD cup
DDD/E cup 18
F cup 18
G cup 18
H cup 18
I cup 18
J cup 18
K cup 18
  1. If you know your bra size. skip to step 4. If you do not know your bra band size, take a measurement going all the way around your body beneath the curve of your pectoral muscle.
    Example:  Measurement is 35 inches
  2. Follow this measurement to determine your bra band size (what your body says you are)
    Example:  Bra band is 40
  3. Decide which cup size you would like to be.
    Example:  K cup for extreme bustiness
  4. Intersect your bra band size with the cup size you want to be. The number in the intersecting row and column will be the size to order!
    Example:  40K is a size 18

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Weight Width Height Thickness
Imperial 4 lb., 8 oz. (9 lb. total) 9 ½ in 9 ½ in 5 ½ in
Metric 2 kg (4 kg total) 24 cm 24 cm 14 cm


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