Divine Collection Hera Ultimate Self-Adhering Breast Forms


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Based on feedback from our crossdresser clients, we have spent over 2 years designing our newest breast forms!

Introducing the ULTIMATE, most PERFECT crossdresser breast forms ever!

Hera Breast Forms
  • The first ever breast forms that LOOK AND FEEL real — topless or with a bra!
  • Lifelike silicone skin creates the most realistic breast forms to touch and feel
  • Squishy silicone gel creates natural bounce and movement, just like real breasts
  • Self-adhering Hera breast forms can be worn with non-pocketed bras
  • Safe to sleep design possible with breakthrough technology
  • Fits ALL body types
  • The only silicone breast forms that look real, feel real, and can be worn for 24 hours or more!
  • Handcrafted in Canada by skilled artisans
Available exclusively at The Breast Form Store!

This item is sold as a pair. This item cannot be purchased as a single breast form.

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Recommended color combinations:
  • Vanilla skin: Rose, Blush, Cinnamon, Chocolate nipples
  • Caramel skin: Chocolate nipples
  • Chocolate skin: Java nipples

divine collection breast form skin tone

Breast forms that are so real, you’ll never consider getting top surgery!

Divine Collection is proud to introduce the ultimate design in realistic breast forms, available exclusively at The Breast Form Store! Hera breast forms are the most perfect breast forms ever invented: soft, realistic feeling silicone that moves just like natural breast tissue, with a realistic, skin like finish that makes your breast forms blend to your body for stunning cleavage. The unique design is sleep safe, swim safe, makeup safe, and push-up bra safe: these are the first ever breast forms that do everything! Never compromise again.

Named for the Queen of the Gods, Hera breast forms are truly the most realistic, natural looking breast forms available anywhere in the world. Hand crafted by skilled artisans just for you, Hera breast forms are the next level of innovation and realism. These extremely soft, bouncy and realistic silicone breasts from Divine Collection are perfect for cross dressers, transgender women who live full time, and anyone looking to increase their bust size. The unique design can be worn by someone with a flat chest wall, someone with naturally developed breast tissue, and everything in between! Hera breast forms are available in three skin tones to match to your body for the most natural look, but without complicated skin tone color matching kits.


Why we love Divine Collection Hera self-adhering breast forms
  • Self-adhesive backing creates a more natural feeling when worn with a non-pocketed bra
    • Safe to use with balconette and demi-cup bras
    • Flexible silicone works great with push-up bras
    • Tapered edges blend to your body for the most natural transition to your body
  • Unique “no-membrane” skin means Hera breast forms cannot burst
    • Safe to sleep in, even if you sleep on your side or tummy!
    • More durable than other breast forms on the market — we even drove over them with a car!
    • Make-up safe design is perfect for skin tone matching
    • Warms to your body for the most natural experience
    • Safe to use with SilicONE Spray Adhesive so you can attach for days!* (Not included.)
  • Asymmetrical shape fits left and right
    • Subtle wing adds fullness towards your underarm, helping to make shoulders appear smaller
    • Round curve at the bottom of the breast form fits great in underwire and molded cup bras
  • Available in three unique skin tones and five nipple colors
    • Nipples can be customized to different sizes for your tastes
    • Ultra-realistic nipples and areolae look and feel so real


    • Choose a size that reflects your breast form size and your personal taste
    • Carefully and permanently secured by the artists
    • Creates a more natural blend to the form of the breast for an even more realistic appearance
    • Five sizes to choose from, based on our popular Divine Nipples

    This is an upgrade to Hera breast forms and can only be purchased at the SAME TIME as Hera breast forms. Please note that customization is an additional charge. As the artists will need to craft a pair just for you, please allow for extra time for your Hera breast forms to be crafted. All measurements are approximate, as they are crafted by hand.