How To Cover 5 O’ Clock Shadow – Male to Female Transformation Tips

How To Cover 5 O'Clock Shadow

In this post, we’ll go through the right techniques and products that you’ll need to make your 5 o’clock shadow virtually unnoticeable while also keeping your makeup looking natural and lightweight. Especially for trans women, this is a really important part of their makeup routine. One of the most difficult aspects of hiding a 5 o’clock shadow is the rough and uneven texture of the skin there. So, before we start applying makeup, we want to do everything we can to produce a smoother surface.

Prepping your Skin:

After shaving cleanly and closely, apply a post-shave balm and/or a moisturizer to your entire beard area. Using an aftershave balm is highly recommended, especially if you find yourself shaving on a daily basis. This will help to soothe the irritation. Also, if you ahve dry skin, make sure to use good moisturizer on yuor face.

Now that your skin is nicely hydrated, apply a thin layer of primer all over your face. This primer will not only help your makeup last longer, but it will also assist produce a smoother texture on your skin.Once your primer is in place, apply your foundation as usual all over your face, into your beard region, and down your neck.

What you’ll need to cover your 5 o’clock shadow :

To conceal your five o’clock shadow, you’ll need an appropriate liquid or cream color corrector, 2 synthetic blending brushes, a liquid concealer that matches your skin tone, a large fluffy powder brush, and a loose translucent powder.

How To Cover 5 O'Clock Shadow
How To Cover 5 O'Clock Shadow

Understanding what tone is most visible peeking through your skin:

You’ll need a color corrector that’s specifically geared towards your beard, hair, and skin tone. Many tutorials that you see online will tell you to use either a deep orange or a bright red color corrector, as if this will miraculously work for everyone, which it will not.

You’re going to analyze what tone is still showing through as a shadow. The three most common tones are brown, greenish blue, and blueish grey. If you notice a brownish shadow left behind, you’ll need to use a color corrector on the pink to red scale. The deeper your skin tone, the richer and deeper the color corrector should also be. If you have fair skin, remain to the pink range; if you have medium or tanned skin, shift to a deeper salmon pink color; and if you have dark skin, lean towards a more true red shade.

How To Cover 5 O' Clock Shadow

If your beard shadow has a predominantly greenish blue tint, you’ll need to use peachy orange color correctors.

How To Cover 5 O' Clock Shadow

If your beard shadow appears as a blueish gray tone, apply orange color correctors that vary from a mild orange to a full bright orange, depending on how dark your skin tone is.

How To Cover 5 O' Clock Shadow

How to Color Correct:

To begin canceling out your beard tone, dab a small amount of color corrector into your blending brush and begin patting it firmly up and down, just onto the spots where you see the shadows coming through or where you know they will later. Using a brush in a stippling motion rather than just your finger will help get the product into the skin, especially since this area has a lot of texture.

Target Specific Spots:

Use the corrector sparingly and only where necessary. You don’t want to smear it all over your face. You should only apply it in areas that truly require it. Make sure your application of this color corrector isn’t too heavy. Most tutorials show people slathering on gobs of color corrector until it’s completely opaque, which will actually make your makeup look cakey and visible in person. After you’ve color corrected every shadow, it’s time to restore your natural skin tone to this area.

Using the same approach as before, stipple the concealer that matches your skin tone over the entire region with your second clean blending brush. You don’t have to be as precise while applying concealer; it’s perfectly okay to blend over the boundaries of your color corrector to make everything blend flawlessly into the skin. Again, make sure you apply a thin layer and don’t take on too much product, and then keep patting until the edges of the concealer sink into the skin.


Pour a little quantity of loose powder into the product’s cap, then pick some up with your big fluffy brush, tap out the excess, and then lightly press the powder over the entire area you’ve previously covered until everything is set in place. Powdering will not only put the makeup in place, but it will also remove the shine, making this area appear smoother rather than lumpy. Even if you have mildly dry skin, this is absolutely required; just use the least amount of powder possible.

powdering - male to female transformation tips

After going through one round of this entire process, you may see that only a few locations are still showing through; if this is the case, you can entirely repeat this process in those regions until everything is completely hidden. Now that you’ve successfully covered your five o’clock shadow. You want to make certain that it stays covered. Remember that your skin is a living, breathing organ, and that new hair will be breaking through the surface throughout the day. So, if you want to fully conceal your stubble, bring the items you used with you in a makeup bag along with a mirror, and then touch it up a few times throughout the day as needed.

male to female transformation tips

That is all there is to it. The more you practice these techniques the easier and quicker this process is going to become for you.

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