Why buy Gold Seal NAKED breast forms

What makes Gold Seal NAKED special

Gold Seal NAKED breastplates and body prosthetics are the next generation of gender confirmation and body enhancement prosthetics for transgender women, cross dressers, and drag queens. These silicone prosthetics are designed to sit on your body like a second skin, creating a complete male-to-female transformation.

The Breast Form Store is known for, well, breast forms! We have been in business for almost 30 years (since 1993). During that time, we have only ever offered the top tier, highest quality products from trusted manufacturers at the lowest possible prices. When The Breast Form Store opened for business, breastplates were bulky, ugly things only suited for use to be seen from a distance. After years of development, research and new technology, we’ve found the newest generation of products.

Soft breast tissue breast forms is finally here

Most silicone breast forms are designed using a soft silicone gel that makes the breasts squishy and bouncy, but these breast forms hold their shape even when you lay down on your back. This is because these breast forms are designed to hold their shape so that they don’t leak. Think of them like the breasts of a younger woman: they are slightly firmer and perkier than a woman who is more mature.

Gold Seal NAKED breastplates are different. After years of trial and error and lots of product testing, The Breast Form Store is proud to offer breastplates that feature the first ever “soft tissue” breast form experience. These breastplates feature a more liquid-based gel than what is found in medical breast forms, giving it more elasticity and an extreme amount of jiggle!

Hello, push-up bras!

When worn without a bra, Gold Seal NAKED breastplates have a natural hang, similar to what larger, heavy breasts on a more mature woman would have. This means that they hang lower on the body, creating more droop. There is more natural movement.

However, what is so exciting and new is that they are more malleable and flexible than regular breast forms. They are the only silicone breastplates that can be worn with a push-up bra and still look good!

If you lay on your back, the breasts of your Gold Seal NAKED breastplate do settle to flat areas on your chest like natural breast tissue. For larger cup sizes, this may even mean you will see the ‘pooling’ of the breast forms towards your armpits, just like naturally developed breast tissue.

Designed to fit and flatter the assigned-male-at-birth body

Just like every product available from The Breast Form Store, we have extensively tested our products to make sure they fit well for transgender women, cross dressers, and anyone who has been assigned male at birth but is looking to express their feminine identity. After working with many different body types and doing many different fit tests and revisions, we are very happy with the way Gold Seal NAKED breastplates and body prosthetics fit and flatter the body.

Unlike what you will find with other retailers and manufacturers who sell direct, we have decades of experience in finding and fitting breast forms and body prosthetics to fit and flatter. Gold Seal NAKED breastplates are designed for a variety of bodies to create a stunning appearance. We pay attention to all the little details, like how the breastplate fits at your neck, your arms and your waist, or how the breasts are positioned on the body for the most natural appearance.

When you shop with The Breast Form Store for our silicone breastplates, you can trust that you are getting the very best, most flattering product for your body, every time.

We believe in quality — just look for the black NAKED box!

Just like every product we offer goes through extensive fit testing, we also make sure that the quality is as phenomenal as our name! We’ve worked with over 350,000 people, and we know how important it is to make sure that the product you purchase meets and exceeds your expectations.

Everything is inspected twice — when it arrives to our warehouse and then again before it leaves our warehouse — to ensure that the product you get meets our very high standards of quality.

If the product you received did not come boxed up in a beautiful black box with care instructions and the Gold Seal NAKED logo, you did not receive something that has passed our stringent quality standards. Don’t get tricked by cheap knock-offs — trust The Breast Form Store and Gold Seal NAKED to make you look good naked!

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